Endurance Krav Maga (EKM) is officially partnered with organizations that fight Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking.  We believe we have a duty to help those in need. We offer self-defense seminars to those who are helping fight these issues and those who have been victims. Our goal is to use Krav Maga to empower the disenfranchised. We have trained groups locally and around the world. 


Fighting Domestic Violence.

We help The Family Exchange Center in their fight against domestic violence. We offer free self-defense training to individuals recovering from a domestic violence.  

For more information about The Family Exchange Center click on the following link.


Fighting Human Trafficking.

We work with Restore Corps in the fight against human trafficking. We offer free self-defense training to individuals recovering from human trafficking enrolled in their program.

Approximately 30.2 million people live in slavery in the world today. Some victims are exploited for commercial sex while others are forced into domestic servitude or are child soldiers. Slavery, while perhaps more severe in conflict zones, areas where genocide is occurring, or failed states, occurs in the United States as well.

According to a 2011 Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and Vanderbilt University study. Shelby County is one of four counties with over 100 documented cases of juvenile sex trafficking, and one of eight counties of adult sex trafficking. There are documented cases of human trafficking in 78 counties of TN - representing 85% of the total counties in the state.

For more information about Restore Corps click on the following link.



Hard Places Community

Our program addresses the dangers relief workers are exposed to daily. We offer a specific self-defense training module to minimize the risk of being harmed while working in dangerous environments.    

The Hard Places Community is an international group of like-minded friends whose mission is to see justice prevail, pain redeemed, hope reborn, and life restored in the hearts of those the world deems to be the most broken. 

Often that mission takes relief workers to developing countries to create outreach programs for children who are forced to work in the sex tourism industry. 

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