Sam Pike

3rd Degree Black Belt Krav Maga InstructorKMA Force TrainerKM-X InstructorTRX InstructorPersonal Trainer

Sam is the lead instructor and founder of Endurance Krav Maga. His study and knowledge of martial arts is vast, including Taekwondo and Jujitsu, and having earned his 2nd degree black belt in PaSaRyu and the World Black Belt Bureau in 2001. Sam discovered Krav Maga while seeking a practical, uncomplicated self-defense system that works in real-world situations. He has traveled around the globe helping at-risk people--particularly women and children in dangerous human trafficking and domestic violence situations--learn self-defense and improve their lives. Sam has been instrumental in bringing Krav Maga to Memphis and the mid-South since 2003.


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Eric Ferrante

2nd Degree Black Belt Krav Maga InstructorKMWW Force Trainer

As a Sergeant in Memphis Police Department, and an undefeated amateur fighter, Eric brings real-world experience to the classroom. He discovered Krav Maga in college while looking for a practical fighting system to prepare for his entry into law enforcement. An instructor who inspires confidence in his students, Eric has trained in the Krav Maga system since 2002.


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Chris Anderson

KMA Certified InstructorKMA Certified Force Trainer Personal Trainer

Chris is a paragon of perseverance. After a crippling, near-death motorcycle accident in 2003, his love of fitness helped him recover to become one of the fastest and most explosive instructors at Endurance. Having served in the United States Marine Corps, his classes often focus on the specific needs of law enforcement and military personnel while still being accessible for students new to Krav Maga


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Tony Faulds

KMA Certified Instructor

A “kiwi” from New Zealand, Tony brings a strong martial arts background in Western Boxing, Muay Thai, and Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate (nidan) to Endurance. He was drawn to Krav Maga for its practical applications. Having worked in the steel business his entire life, Tony has lived and trained in New Zealand, Japan, Thailand, Russia, and the United States. His favorite quote comes from Bruce Lee:

“Research your own experience;

Absorb what is useful;

Reject what is useless;

Add what is specifically your own.”


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Trevor Jegroo 

KMA Certified Instructor

Trevor had read about Krav Maga years ago when he was still living in Brooklyn, but only when he moved to Memphis did he find a home with Endurance in 2010. Having served in the infantry, Trevor’s military experience gives a tough edge his smooth, soft-spoken approach in the classroom.

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Tait Keller

KMA Certified Instructor

A history professor at Rhodes College, Tait discovered Krav Maga in 2012 when he went looking for an intense, physical workout to relieve the stresses and sedentary nature of academia. Having never studied self-defense before, Krav Maga grew from being a perfect workout into a lifelong passion for him. With a strong desire to help others, he brings a high level of energy and focus to his Krav Maga classes.



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August Marshall

KMA Certified Instructor

August got involved with Krav Maga in 2013 like she does with most things in life—by accident. Now a powerful practitioner, she started with a heavy bag class and then found that hitting people is more fun that hitting inanimate objects. By day she is a Program Evaluator at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital; at night she inspires students to harness their strengths and hone their self-defense skills.



Crystal McMahan 

KMA Certified Instructor

Crystal tried Krav Maga for the first time the day after Christmas in 2011 and she was hooked for life. She had been interested in self-defense and wanted something practical. A ferocious fighter, Crystal credits Krav Maga and her Endurance family with helping her beat cancer. No wonder her favorite saying is: “Whatever doesn’t kill me, better start running.” She works as a Trust Officer, helping the marginal and vulnerable, especially children, who need protection.

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Dave Sedlacek

KMA Certified Instructor

David found Krav Maga a little over three years ago after participating in an Endurance gun defense seminar. The ease with which techniques and tactics could be learned sold him immediately. His career in medical device sales and working primarily in operating rooms reinforces his desire to help others lead healthier, safer lives through Krav Maga, especially people who have little to no prior experience in self-defense.



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Shannon Stewart

KMA Certified InstructorCertified CrossFit TrainerAdvanced Olympic Lifting TrainerTRX InstructorPersonal Trainer

Shannon began practicing Krav Maga in 2007. She was looking for some type of self-defense system to get stronger and was drawn to Krav Maga’s aggressive, no-nonsense style. A talented, multifaceted athlete and instructor, she combines her knowledge from her many certifications to create unique and challenging workouts for her students.


bio pic max.jpg

Max Goerner

KMA Certified InstructorKMA Certified Strikefit Instructor

Max discovered Krav Maga while he was traveling through the United States in Summer 2014. Within a few weeks Max fell in love with the effectiveness, simplicity and “works for everyone” approach of this self-defense system.

Now back home enrolled in an Economics doctoral program in Düsseldorf. Max hopes to expand and explore Krav Maga in Germany.