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Lunch and Learn

Training On-Site at businesses to teach employees basic self defense techniques through a combination of lectures and demonstrations. Employees have an opportunity some light hands on training. The main purpose of this program is to create self defense awareness.


Scenario Training  

Intensive self-defense training designed to improve the ability to handle themselves in specific situations.

* Car Jacking

* Home Invasion (protect your family)

* Defense against weapons - Blunt objects,   Bladed weapons,   handguns,   long guns

* Anti abduction (become a hard target)

* Women Only self defense (creates awareness and entry point for regular training)






Private Training 

Our Instructors offer private client training. This is an excellent way to train if your personal schedule is unpredictable or if you just want to work at your own pace. We have male and female instructors available.  Please contact us to discuss.


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